The job of issue Management will be based on the existing resource and the current status of the company.We, PLFSIL,with the mutual understanding with the issuer company will provide the following issue Management and other services:

Issue Management Services:

  • Regularity Compiles.
  • Checking and sorting all documents.
  • Preparation of Prospectus.
  • Advice to the company for required documents
  • Preparation of application along with required documents.
  • Submission of application to the BSEC,DSE and CSE.
  • Co-ordination to the regulator and others.
  • Arrangement of underwriting syndicate for the Issuing Company.
  • Assist the company regarding regulatory compliance of the issue.
  • Supervising the distribution of prospectus and applications forms to underwriters,BSEC,DSE,CSE and Foreign Missions.
  • Monitoring of subscription.
  • Co-ordination of the post issue work as required by the Issuer.


Fees and Charges

We are offering competitive fees and charges for the companies that have decided to raise capital through initial public offering (IPO) from the capital market.

Fixed Price Method BDT. 10(Ten) Lac

Book Building Method BDT. 50(Fifty) Lac